Critically evaluate and examine the Advantages And Disadvantages Associated With Internal Recruiting.

Advantages of internal recruiting include; a quick and easy process of selection as the number of
candidates applying is smaller. The organization already has details about the strengths and
weakness of the applicants so they already know how each of them can perform. Fewer expenses
as advertisements and fee for recruiting new employees are not needed. It leads to the promotion
of workers in the firm thus motivating employees. It gives the organizations chance to identify
the employee who is happy with the firm. Disadvantages of internal recruitment include: there is
no development of new ideas as promoted employees already know the former employee’s
routine. There is a creation of enmity among employees when one is promoted against the others.
It provides few applicants, therefore, reducing alternatives to choose from. Moreover, there is
vacancy establish when one is promoted which can lead to a shortage of workers (Khan31). I
would prepare for an interview prior to selection date. When I am selected I would concentrate
my job regardless of how my subordinate will react. For example, I would prepare interview
questions and ask my friend to interview me.

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