Critically examine how Streetwear Fashion Portrait Photography has Changed over the Last 25 Years

As reported by a director of documentary of hip-hop fashion Sacha Jenkins, Streetwear
developed over the last decade within the black community. Initially, individuals were buying
their pants too big and there was no one who was monetizing it. People discovered a business
opportunity and began selling streetwear’s oversized T-shirts and tracksuits having bold prints
(Shaw, 2018).In 1999 the sales globally totaled to £228m.

Pictures of big-sized pants

The Streetwear Fashion Portrait Photography 3
Streetwear has been a centre of interest that is suited by high fashion over the past years
(Juzbasic, 2017). Notably, Streetwear staples and shapes the track-pants, sneakers, printed t-shirt,
and hoodies that have been seen with celebrities such as Vetements, Givenchy, and Raf Simons
for over 10 years.

A collection of Streetwear products
Among the significant changes that have taken place in the Streetwear Fashion Portrait
Photographyis the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Supreme (Stone &Farnan,
2018).Following their collaboration, the team’s leading model on a catwalk dressed on a bright
red cross-body bag that had a supreme logo. The rest of the models followed wearing a pattern
that integrated Supreme’ logo with Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. The backstory in
association with the exemplary designs has promoted the sales volume of the collaboration. After
a version of the LV double monogram was put by the product on its skateboards, a cease-and-

The Streetwear Fashion Portrait Photography 4
desist order in 2000 was issued by Louis Vuitton to Supreme. The order demanded the banning
of all the commodities having the design. Seventeen years later, the two brands collaborated and
solved the issue. The collaboration led to reduced price of the Streetwear photography products
compared to Louis Vuitton prices. However, the price for the T-shirt and sweater remained
constant. The collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton also resulted to unfolded
rumours that LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s conglomerate owner, had added Supreme approximately
Moreover, a streetwear brand aged 23-years-old that was developed by a skate Scenester
was used on the catwalk for the very expensive Parisian product worldwide. It was created as a
label for goods in 1854 and in 2016 it costed £22.5bn. During this period, Highsnobiety wrote an
article that captured what most people believed. The title of the article ran that, “streetwear and
luxury fashion are the same thing.” The article assisted in increasing the number of fans for the
Streetwear products as most people preffered living a luxurious life.
New arrivals by streetwear brands led to queuing of teens around the blocks in London
and New York. As a result, this led to high fashion having its eye on the scene of hypebeast on
the unofficial observer. On Friday 24 th , 2016, a teenagers’ line was waiting around 26 Brewer
Street block to see the current designs by the palace (Shaw, 2018). Notably, the streetwear was
recognized for its skate videos, triangle logo, and low-cost prints and now the fans were eagerly
waiting to see the new drop.

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