Describe the Steps in a Typical Progressive Disciplinary program

Steps in Typical Progressive Disciplinary program

Verbal counseling entails conducting a conversation with the worker or employee. It assists the
employee in identifying the issues and behaviors to change. Write a warning document to the
affected employee. It stipulates consequences of certain behavior and also the expected behavior
by the management. Suspension of the employee and plan for improvement is the third step. The
manager asks the employee to leave the organization and requires them to write a plan on how
they will change. It helps employs to think if they want to change or quit. Termination is the last
step. It includes senior managers about the termination of the plan. Follow up is important
because it helps identify if the employees are changing their behavior (Cascio25). Removal of
the steps can affect the process of disciplinary action against the employees. Regardless of the
problem, no step should be eliminated. For example, lateness and stealing organization’s
products should follow both steps.

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