Discuss Peking opera colors

Peking opera colors

  1. Terminology; jing (净) is a role of man which the face is painted. This role deals with a
    violate character. The character must possess exaggerative expressions and gestures, and
    be vocally strong. There are fifteen facial patterns which are basic in Peking opera
    although there are thousand exact variations. Every design is explicit to a specific role
    player. It is believed that the colors are drawn from color symbols of Chinese tradition.
    The line in person’s face in which the colors are drawn shows their personality.
  2. Colour. These colors were selected according to their degree of being seen or
    recognized. Jing colors include black, red, white, yellow, green and blue. These colors
    represent different players’ personality traits.

a) Red color represents royalty, uprightness, loyalty, and courage. Jacky Chan
Dragon Blade, he acts as commander
b) White represents treacherous, wicked, evil and crafty characters. Sammo Hung, (
洪金寶) in (iron-fisted monk) he elaborates some treacherous traits.
c) Black is provided to role players of honesty, soundness, and integrity. Jin Dong, (
靳东) in (My Mother Zhao Yiman) plays as a policeman with integrity.
d) Bad tempered and cruel characters are given yellow color as a symbol of their
personality. Yang Sze 杨斯in (Enter the Dragon he acts as a cruel villain).
e) Blue and green indicate similar personalities which include brutality, ferocity, and
fearlessness. For example Jacky Wu (吳京) in Tai Chi Boxer.

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