CC Comparing the Mexican Criminal Justice System with the US Essay


Watch the documentary, Presunto Culpable, below.

This real-time documentary depicts the criminal justice system in Mexico at the time the DVD was created. It is intended only as a means of comparing and contrasting systems and as a way to promote discussion of the American system of justice.[streamerType]=auto#

In order to receive all five extra credit points, you must watch the entire DVD AND you must answer all 5 of the following questions. Note: Each question is worth 1 point so you can respond to less than five questions and receive one point for every question you answer.

Compare and contrast the role of the Judge in the film, and the role of the judge in United States courtrooms.

In a short paragraph, compare and contrast the geography of the courtroom with those courtrooms in the United States. That is, where were the actors sitting, how were they moving about?

In a sentence or two, describe the role of the prosecutor in the film?

Did you see any benefit in allowing the defendant to directly address the witnesses? If so, what?

Describe in several sentences one problem you saw with the investigative process.

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