Discuss the influences and learning in the workplace that contribute to training and development. In addition, address your personal experience with employee engagement.

The Influences and Learning in the Workplace That Contribute to Training and Development
Employee training and development is very important in the productivity of an
organization. Different factors influence organizations to offer training and development.
Various forces influence learning and working with employees in the workplace thus employee
training and development is required.
Change in the demography and diversity of the workers in the organization influences the
managers to train their employees. Population in the firm determines the composition and size of
the workers. Large organizations consist of workers from different ethnical, racial, religious, and
cultural backgrounds. Age and gender define demography. Additionally, globalization may lead
to the training of employees so as to know how to cope with diverse environments. Through
training and learning, conflict is avoided; therefore, unity enhances productivity (Noe & Peacock
2002). To incorporate these employees from different global backgrounds, the organization
trains them on how to understand each other.
Different employees possess different talents. It is crucial for organizations to manage
these talents due to varying demands in jobs and occupations, skills required, need for the
development of leadership skills, and anticipation for baby boomers’ retirement. Talent
management entails how firms attract, retain, develop, and motivate employees and managers
with more skills. Employee commitment and engagement to their current employers is
determined by learning, development, career growth opportunities, and doing the puzzling and
exciting job. Furthermore, emphasizing the customer service and quality makes the customer
perceive the organization positively (Noe & Peacock 2002). Employees should be trained on
how to interact with customers to enhance their perception of the organization.
Therefore, engaging employees makes them be productive. Training motivates
employees and makes them feel part of the organization and champions. The firm I attended
internship offered employee training and motivational talks which improved their morale in

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