OverviewIn this module, you have begun exploring how sustainability can be cons

In this module, you have begun exploring how sustainability can be considered in various contexts and within the first sustainability pillar: social justice. Throughout the rest of this course, you will explore two more pillars—business and environmental quality—and will incorporate your knowledge about all three pillars into your project. In this Module Three project draft, you will begin working on your project by examining a scenario and considering sustainable practices related to the scenario.
First, consult the Project Guidelines and Rubric to review the scope of the project and the provided scenarios.
Next, choose a scenario. To do this, review the Scenario Profiles document, which provides information related to the scenarios, including the organization profile and related case study. Choose a scenario for this Module Three assignment carefully, because you will use the same scenario for the project.
Then, with your chosen scenario in mind, address the assignment prompts below by completing the corresponding sections in the Project Template.
Note: You can find the Project Guidelines and Rubric and the Scenario Profiles document in the assignment information section of this course.
Specifically, you must address the following:
Sustainable Practices
You will look at the interconnectedness of environmental issues and human behavior as it relates to your chosen scenario. To do this, you will look at both how the environmental systems in use impact the community as well as how the community use impacts the environmental systems in place. You will also look at the group’s overall bias in addressing sustainability in your community.
Describe how environmental systems in use in your chosen scenario impact human behavior.
Consider ecosystems, cultural systems, and organizational systems in your response.
Describe the impact of the current resource use on the environment.
What resources does the group in your scenario use?
What is the impact on the environment?
Describe how human ideology impacts behavior regarding environmental systems.
What policies or vision impact the environmental systems in use within your chosen group?
Think about your chosen group. What behaviors do they practice regarding the environmental systems?
Explain the role of cultural bias in your chosen group’s approach to global sustainability.
What are some of the biases within the group that impact the use of the resources discussed in the scenario?
What to Submit
To complete this assignment, you must submit the following:
Submit your Project Template for grading. The template is the assignment. It is attached. The scenarios profile and rubric for the assignment is also attached.

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