SUNY New PaltzUG DiagnosticsProf. AbramovichArticulation and Phonology Section:

  1. Using the results of the GFTA-3 and KLPA-3 include the following:

SUNY New Paltz

UG Diagnostics

Prof. Abramovich

Articulation and Phonology Section:

1. Using the results of the GFTA-3 and KLPA-3 include the following:

2. Name of Child: Carmen Santiago


Diagnosis: Carmen is demonstrating a severe phonological skills delay. 

3. Using the following example, create a chart including the following:

Evaluation Reporting Present Status  Months Deficit

Goldman-Fristoe Test RS: x

Of Articulation-3 SS: x

[GFTA-3] PR: x


Khan-Lewis Phonological SS: x

Analysis-3 PR: x

[KLPA-3] AE:

* NOTE: the months deficit can only be calculated for the Age Equivalent.

4. Follow the chart and include the SS, PR and Age Equivalent for both the GFTA-3 

and KLPA-3.

5. Include the header : Articulation/Phonology:

Start the paragraph with: The Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation-Third Edition [GFTA-3], was administered to assess X’s articulation [or speech sound production] skills at the single word level. Then provide a brief explanation of the test [how it is administered, what it tests]. Then report your findings on the GFTA-3 . In narrative format explain how many errors the child made [raw score], her SS, PR and AE [be sure to provide a simple definition of each of these terms as they relate specifically to your client. Then provide a brief overview of the types of errors that the client made. [i.e. were his errors mainly in the initial position? Were they mainly substitutions or omissions, etc.]. 

Start the second paragraph with The results of the GFTA-3 were applied to the Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis-third edition to assess the presence and severity of phonological processes in x’s speech. Include a simple definition of the term. Then report your findings on the KLPA-3. In narrative format include the client’s raw score, SS, PR and AE. No need to provide explanations here since you have already done that in the GFTA-3 section. In narrative format explain what phonological processes the client is exhibiting. Include a brief explanation of the process [taken from the KLPA-3 pp] and the severity of its existence as well as the age in which the process should have been integrated [this should be taken from the document poste on BB regarding age of extinction].

6. On a separate sheet of paper include an Expanded Articulation/Phonology Section complete with examples.

The Expanded Articulation/Phonology Section should include the following:

Expanded Articulation/Phonology Section:

1.The following errors were noted on the GFTA-3:

Initial: Medial: Final:

t/k t/k t/k

[Include ALL speech sound errors made by the client in each position [you will use the GFTA-3 scoring form posted on BB for this].

2.X exhibited the following phonological processes on the KLPA-3

Name of process Example

7. Write 2 long term goals [in this case, Carmen’s primary errors are phonological in nature so your goals should reflect that] with 2 corresponding short term goals for each long term goal [see power point on goal writing and the goal writing template document for examples]. Please provide a clear rationale for each goal. Your rationale should include your client’s baseline performance and why you selected the process that you did, the context, the benchmark, the level of prompting, etc.

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