Create an ethical dilemma related to working with the character as a client, and then  describe how you would handle that dilemma. Relate this to one of the cardinal  values of social work. The character is from the movie “American Sniper”—Chris Kyle, Jim DeFelice, and Scott McEwen.

SAMPLE: Handling Ethical Dilemma

Representing various individuals is challenging depending on their work type, lifestyle,
and moral values. Working with Chris Kyle as my client might be puzzling due to his encounter.
This paper describes how to handle dilemma in relation to values of social work.
Kyle has experienced various difficulties in his life. Before he joined the navy seal, he
found his wife with another man. During his service as a sniper, Chris Kyle has killed many
people. Besides, in his first kill, he shot a woman and a young boy. Afterward, Kyle kills many
people in the Iraqi war. When he returns back home, he decides to concentrate on his marriage.
However, memories relating to the killings haunt him. Kyle consults me as his psychiatrist to
study and recommend a good strategy for handling his condition. This situation puts me in an
ethical dilemma on whether to assist a person who killed suspects without giving them a chance
to a fair trial, or decline the offer and let him pay the price (Beckett, etal., 2017).
I applied dignity and worth of a person, one of the social work values as means of
handling this dilemma (Reamer, 2013). Firstly, Kyle killed people while protecting innocent
civilians. Thus, he should be applauded for his service. Secondly, it is unethical to derail the
dignity of a person who needs help regardless of their deeds in the past. I felt that is important to
help him restore his worthiness as a human being. To achieve this, I recommended him to assist
the injured war veterans in VA hospital.
Overall, it is very crucial to assist an individual change positively. Social workers should
aspire to possess ethical values of social work (Beckett, etal., 2017). Evidently, application of the
values helped Chris Kyle to recover.

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