Apply the three sets of consequences that can result from stress that can occur in team situations and explain how your agreement reduces these consequences.

Stress can bring both positive and negative consequences in the organization. Positive
consequences lead to high production, employee motivation, and reward. Negative consequences
can lead to reduced employee morale thus affecting productivity. Organizations are mostly
concerned with the negative consequences because they reduce turnover. This paper reveals three
consequences of stress and how my agreement can resolve those consequences.
Behavioral consequences determine how individuals in the team conduct themselves. For
instance, when a member of the team possesses this kind of stress, they may drink alcohol or
smoke to feel relaxed. Additionally, if the stress is more severe, the individual may harm people
around them through violent destruction of property. Adversely, stress can cause loss of appetite.
Stress can be caused by health complications such as cancer which affects individual’s physical
well-being. Consequences resulting from this type of stress include ulcers, headaches, and skin
Moreover, stress can cause psychological consequences. These consequences affect
individual’s emotional and mental well-being. Depression and withdrawal are the most common
results of stress which affects sleeping patterns of the individuals affected.
My agreement will assist in reducing these consequences in various ways. Firstly,
providing free holiday vacation will make the team members for work environment leading to

relaxation. Relaxing will help to reduce these stress-related consequences. Secondly, increasing
salaries of the employees will make them feel motivated and compensated due to individual’s
efforts in the team. Offering health incentives to the team members will assist them to pay
medical bills if affected by any health complications. For example, a member with cancer will be
motivated to work for the company because it will take care of some of the bills for medication.
Arguably, by making an agreement that focuses on the above issues, stress among the
team members will be reduced. Factors such as motivation, compensation, and incentives
contained in my agreement assist the individuals affected to feel as part of the organization.
Stress-free team leads to increased productivity.

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