PSY 3531 BU Supporting Elderly Social Wellbeing Discussion Questions

Discussion Question 1

  • Prompt: How is the elderly population changing? Describe a program (one each) for how community psychologists can enhance social support for and personal control in the elderly. How does each of these two programs integrate the principles of community psychology?
  • Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post,

Discussion Question 2

  • Prompt: There are many passionate debates in our society around how to make our schools safer, including making changes in gun laws, arming teachers, hiring more security guards, and creating more support for mental health treatment. What do you think are effective strategies that should be seriously pursued?
  • Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post,

Community Psychology

By Moritsugu, John / Vera, Elizabeth / Wong, Frank Y. / Duffy, Karen GroverEdition : 6TH 19Publisher : TAYLORISBN 13 : 9781138747067

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